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The Cancer Journey: Infection Prone to 'Superwoman' (okay maybe not)

Reposted from January 29, 2010 Today, January 28, I went for blood test #4 since chemo #1.

Altogether it was a five minute ordeal, beginning with the professor telling me my blood was “almost perfect!” woo hoo, followed by his routine lymph node check, in which he commented that my lymph nodes are‘continually shrinking’ which then mum was sure to ask whether chemo 2, 3, 4, 5and 6 were really that necessary which then professor answered with a smirk and a ‘yes’ and went on to ask me when I wanted to start chemo #2.

As of present, my neutrophils are a soild 4.55 and my wbc, astellar 7.73!

Physically, I’m feeling great. Some friends have been intown so they’re keeping me company and out and about. Appetite is good, managed to gain back 1kg, bronchitis is pretty much gone, though my cough makes an odd appearance when I sleep and my bowels are as active as ever! : )

Since my wbc started dipping to the lows mum (along with hersupport group of family and friends) have been giving me lots of good food tokeep my body strong.

These food include:

~ lots of different types of mushrooms (I made cream ofmushroom the other night w/out cream!)

~potatoes (gotta love those mashed potatoes)

~beets (YUM)

~ whey protein

~ carrots

~ peanuts (boiled in soup)

~ asparagus (though not much lately)

~ and basically lots and lots of anything and everything that’s green (We just bought a vita mix and am now trying out different types of cool recipes)

So what’s next?

Chemo #2 will take places some time next week. I’ve requested for later in the week because I want to take some time toenjoy myself as well as strengthen my body to fight through the second chemo.

Mentally, I’m feeling a bit apprehensive, which is to be expected. I’m no superwoman! The past week or so we’ve been grappling with whether or not to continue with chemotherapy. The benefits of being knowledgeable in nutrition and health also come along with difficult decisions.Sometimes, I am more frustrated than comforted when a new therapy is introduced to us. I felt like I was being bombarded with different voices telling me different thingsall the while making my task to choose the ‘right’ voice increasingly difficult. At last, I decided to weed out all the voices and to search for God’s.

In the end, I’ve chosen chemotherapy. I think this wave of doubt and fear will hit me each time I’m asked to go back and continue with treatment but I’m praying that God’s voice will be stentorian throughout.

On another note, I’d like to add another girl on your prayer list. Her name’s Sarah and was diagnosed with leukemia only a few weeks ago.She’s already on her second treatment and will have to stay in the hospital for a total of five weeks. I just met her today and was inspired by her strengthand spirit. Having a Hickman line herself, she’s discovering that there are alot of clothes that just don’t work with a catheter and so she’s now designing clothes that will. We compared places that nurses have poked us with needles,as well as the colour of our chemo drugs, mine was kool-aid blue and hers, a kool-aid red. She’s only 7, but is handling this all so well. Please pray for minimal discomfort and side effects during her treatments and for peace to be on her family during this time.

I myself had a chance to reflect on this journey of mine. Although it’s only the beginning I’ve come to realize that it’s really a blessing in disguise. Not only have I grown so much as a person, I’ve also got the chance to experience God in so many ways. There will be moments where I’ll cry and ask “why me” but in the end I know these next few months and years will be one of the richest and most fulfilling quests of my life.

Thank you for coming along and supporting me!

Lots of love,



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