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The Cancer Journey: Official Report

Reposted from December 15, 2009 Monday, December 14

We went to pick up the biopsy report from Dr. Kong. All anxious to hear good news. But when we got there he couldn't tell us much more than what we already knew. He did confirm however, that I have lymphoma. Then, off we went to see Prof Liang at Queen Mary.

Like a professor, he drew out diagrams and explained in great detail what the situation is and how to fight it.

1. I am now officially diagnosed with follicular lymphoma under the Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas sub-group (Grade 2: it just means it's fairly slow growing)

2. as of today, the cancer is in stage 3, but will be doing a bone marrow test on Friday which will determine whether or not the cancer has spread to the bones. If so, the cancer will be considered stage 4.

3. it is a slow growing cancer (Praise God!)

4. i am the youngest person this professor has seen that has this type of lymphoma (usually follicular lymphoma is found in the elderly and in westerners)

* does this mean i get special treatment? : )

There are four routes we could take:

1. observe: since it is a slow growing cancer and so far, i don't have too many other complications, it could be a viable option though we were advised not to wait too long

2. take an oral drug: which will help inhibit the growth of the cancer but is not used to cure the cancer

3. protein injection: the protein, R-CEOP, is used together with step 4 (chemo) to help fight the cancer cells directly

4. chemotherapy: chemo would be administered over a period of 6 months or so

It was an overwhelming day. But we are still very thankful to God who has shown us His grace and protection through all this.

Things to be thankful for:

1. the cancer is a slow growing one, we can now take more time to strengthen my immune system before treatment

2. we have found a reputable professor we feel very comfortable with (he spent around an hour explaining everything to us and was very warm and comforting)

3. the support from friends and family: every phone call, email, comment is taken in with great appreciation

4. that Denise is in HK and not in BJ where she has access to good food, supplements and a trustworthy health care system


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