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The Cancer Journey : Recap so Far

Reposted from December 14, 2009 Thursday, December 3 Went to see a GP about a small lump in her neck, was asked to do a chest x-ray, ulltrasound in the neck and upper abdomen, urine sample and blood tests. Saturday, December 5 Went in to get the results and was told there's a likelihood that she has Lymphoma. Asked two other doctors for their opinion. Monday, December 7 Met with Dr. Kong, a surgeon referred by relatives.  He immediately referred us to his Oncologist, Dr. Siu. After waiting two hours she finally saw Denise and rushed her to get a CAT and PET scan at Sanatorium. By then Denise was feeling really tired and scared. That night we got word from Dr. Kong we had a biopsy scheduled the next morning. Tuesday, December 8 Biopsy surgery on the left side of the neck at Matilda Hospital at 10:30am.  The weather was dreadful and you couldn't see a thing because of all the fog, but the anesthesiologist was cheery and FAAAAABULOUS!!  The dressing gowns were also very SEXY, as the nurses constantly reminded us about them. They gave Denise the anesthesia, she closed her eyes for 5 seconds and fell asleep to a remixed version of Rihanna's Umbrella.  When she awoke, the surgery was already done and was being ushered back to her room. Michelle and Dad left for work, while Mom and Dee stayed til 5pm. Wednesday, December 9 No pain from the surgery, but unable to do a #2 so Mom brought her to a Chinese doctor/accupuncturist where she was subjected to almost two hours of kneading, being poked with by a stick and lots of needles.  After the torture, went to visit a naturopath where he advised Denise to go on a juicing diet, containing only organic vegetables.  Since she hadn't eaten all day, this became Day 1 of her fasting. Thursday, December 10 Went to Queen Mary Hospital for a public consultation. Waited for about an hour and a half.  We met with an Oncologist who didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. From him, we were referred to the Hematology Department. Friday, December 11 Was referred to a Chinese spine doctor by a family friend.  Went to see him at 11:30.  He started telling off telling Denise, she may have emotional baggage she needs to let go off, which may be a cause of her sickness, to which she replied, I'm a very happy person...I'm a Christian.  He went on to do some energy tests with a machine. This machine can tell you lots of things such as which leg is weaker than the other to what part of your liver is not functioning properly.  Denise was extremely hungry by then, so she got some organic veggies to make vegetable soup that night. Saturday, December 12 Had an appointment with Dr. Liang, Head of the Hematology Department at Queens Mary Hospital and a renowned professor.  He gave off a really nice rapport and was able to calm a lot of our fears.  Sunday, December 13 Went to church, Denise was totured at dim sum lunch with relatives cause she couldn't eat, just enjoy the smell!  Watched a part of "Four Christmases" with Michelle & Charlie.  Played Taboo at home with family and girls kicked the guys in their rear.


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