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Be Healthy Not Just Plant Based.

In Hong Kong, just like everywhere else in the world, choosing more plant based foods has been the trend that I personally hope to stay. However with each movement, there will be some people who will take this opportunity to cash in and ruin what the good intentions of what something like a vegetarian or vegan movement can do for our world. This is what fake meat is doing. The two big players in the market, Beyond Burger and Impossible Meat have been a big discussion (and debate) within the vegan community. Restaurants who are trying to keep up with changing diner demands are also including these 'fake meats' on their menu. As a meat lover in my prior life, I understand the desire to eat something that has the same texture as meat, but what are the implications of eating something that has been man made?

Photo: Greenmed Info

Simply put, we just don't know, as we don't have complete 100% evidence that gluten, GMO and other allergens that people are staying away from are harmful to us. When people tell me this, my response is, "yes, it's true, we don't have sufficient evidence but our planet and our health cannot afford to take this risk of having an 'innocent until proven guilty' mindset." There are a lot of things we don't know for sure, and there are a lot of things 'permissible' just like MSG and trans fat, ingredients the majority of us would agree on as being bad, is technically permissible under certain amounts, but why would you even want something like that in your food at low amounts? And what happens when you have multiple servings of that 'low amount' of MSG and it builds up in your body? My take on fake meat is simply a firm 'No'. There's no reason to have it when nature can provide the nutrients we get from meat products. And if you're changing your ways to include more plant foods, then your reason for doing it should be enough for you to not need the 'texture' of meat.

The GMO in Impossible Meat and the MSG (yeast extract) in Beyond Burger is not necessarily the best for both the planet and your health. If you want to eat a non-meat burger, there are lots of recipes online that you can try, some with beans, quinoa, sweet potato. I personally am a fan of this sundried tomato chickpea burger by the Minimalist Baker. Be a healthy vegan. Choose real foods. Read GreenMedInfo's report on how the Impossible Burger has been tested positive for carcinogenic weed killer - Glyphosate.


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