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The Cancer Journey: 1st Chemo Completed

Reposted from January 9, 2010

Thank you for eveyrone's on-going support, care and love.

We needed it and we sure felt it!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


~ arrived at QMH (K21, Bed 40)

~ waited, waited and waited


~ Prof Liang and team came to brief us on the days events

~ more waiting...


~ one of the doctors on Prof Liang's team came to insert the IV into my left hand. He said they will use a different spot for each chemo and will just move up along my hand until I run out of spots for them to poke me!

~ IV was uncomfortable at the beginning but I got used to it


~ antibody (Rituximab) drip came and so did my lunch!

~ didn't have much of an appetite so Dad got to eat my special disinfected lunch (hard vermicelli noodles, pork and veggies) that was wrapped in a white cloth and then saran wrapped!


~ began the antibody drip

~ immediately felt its effects: from not being able to breath, to sweating ALOT, to wanting to vomit (all felt within a 15-30min time span)

~ called the nurses in and they slowed down the drip

~ felt more comfortable and closed my eyes to rest

~ mom comforted me with songs and prayer

my feelings:

~ this is ONLY the beginning?

~ I kept reminding myself that God is good and that He'll carry me through.

~ fear for what's to come but reassurance that so many others have gone through this and worse

in between: (can't remember the times because I was in and out of sleep)

~I had visitors! (family friends and my auntie and uncle)

~ every hour or so they increased the drip by 50mg/hr

3:00 pm:

~ took anti-vomit pills

4:00 pm:

~ took seven chemo pills (Fludarabine)

6:00 pm:

~ antibody drip finally finished!

~ started the 2nd IV (a chemo drug): no side effects felt!

7:00 pm:


~ ate yam that mom baked for me

~ had other pills (potassium, antibiotic, gastric acid suppressent) the doctor gave me


~ everyone went home


~ praised God for a great day and for carrying me through each wave of doubt and fear


~ went to bed but only slept an hour or so that night

~ my roommate, a sweet old lady (also a Christian and battling ovarian cancer) went to the bathroom almost every half an hour from 9-12am and there on after went every hour or so

~ my room was next to the bathroom and she kept the lights on b/c it's dark so i hardly slept


~ woke up

~ anxious to get on with the day and for the doctor to release me!


~ ate half a bowl of oatmeal and waited for doctors and family to come


~ released from the hospital!


I am extremely thankful for a successful completion of my first chemo treatment. I think I was saved from a lot of pain and discomfort that others endure during chemo.Though these past few days at home haven't been very pleasant (i've been feeling nauseous, can't drink lots of fluid, headaches, fatigue, no energy) it is really only minimal in comparison to what some others have to experience. Praise God!

Through the pain and the discomfort I've learned that it's all the more important to continue praising Him. This song below, "Praise you in this Storm" by Casting Crowns has gotten me through my day at the hospital and times at home when I feel down and alone.  I hope this can lend some support to others who may be going through some tough times.


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