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The Cancer Journey : A Delayed Update

Reposted from April 14, 2010 Sorry for not keeping up with the posting. It's been a hectic two weeks!

It started off with amazing news from my PET scan and bone marrow biopsy which showed that my marrow blood and body is 'clear', that then led to a week of utter confusion on my part as to whether or not I should continue with chemotherapy though it seemed explicitly clear to everyone else but me!

Long story short since I had not made my mind up yet but was already scheduled for treatment, I figured that it would be much easier to stop rather than start again so I went for my fourth round on Saturday. 

This week is my recovery week though I'm still on my oral meds which have been giving me the most difficulty since it takes a lot for me to put antibiotics into my system. 

Luckily I've had more wonderful visitors from Toronto who have come to cheer me up and  it's been so nice being able to catch up with old friends. Still the past two days have been difficult, I've been feeling quite ill and haven't been able to do much at all other than crave bread!! 

Still no word yet about the bone marrow results but will keep everyone updated as soon as we hear. 

On a side note: I'm seriously considering stopping chemotherapy after this fourth round. My body seems to be telling me to stop and since there's good arguments on both sides I'll have to also feel my way through this decision. 



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