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The Cancer Journey : a pause and a moment to appreciate love, life, family and friends

Reposted from September 15, 2011 I had written this weeks ago but had forgotten to post are my thoughts from about a month ago now when I had my surger! Wow does time fly!


It's been just about a week since the operation.

I'm sorry I hadn't had the chance to update the blog earlier.

My 'trip' was more or less fantastic, other than a few bumps in the road it was smooth sailing. I had a wonderful surprise as a group of friends came by the hospital to wish me well Sunday afternoon. We shared laughter as we played with 'Baldwin' my stuffed toy (the Monster in Monster's Inc) whom I take with me each hospital visit and they brought peace as they prayed for me.

Pre-surgery tests were completed in a flash and my surgeon was nice enough to even let me go home for the night! We all went out for dinner and I slept very well in my own bed Sunday night.

Monday morning was a bit of a rush to get out of the house and over to Kowloon for 9am. Nonetheless, we made it on time and I was able to settle back nicely into my room before I was ushered off to surgery at 11am. It was odd being wheeled around the hospital, not knowing where I was going and only having the ceiling to look up to. But it was also appropriate because I was once again left with my thoughts and my prayers for peace and comfort to my Father in heaven.

The operating table was COLD and the room was large with large bright lights, yup just like in the movies! They tried finding a vein in my left hand (the only vein I knew I had), but were unsuccessful and so they resorted to gasing me with horrible smelling gas and within five breathes I was asleep.

I woke up with my surgeon by my side asking me mom and dad's cell phone numbers. I was so groggy that I think I gave him the wrong numbers haha. By 2pm I was back in my room and resting.

They had stuck a needle in my foot while i was out (thank goodness for the gas) and that seemed to be the most uncomfortable thing thus far (at the time). Slowly as the pain medication wore off the pain in my chest wear the wounds are became more apparent.

Monday was spent in and out of sleep. I had a few very sweet visitors that made me laugh and also nearly gave me a heart attack when objects were being placed near my foot (yes the needle was in the foot for almost the whole day) but all in all it was a non-eventful day, which was good.

I wasn't able to drink or eat since 2am Sunday morning and that fast lasted until about 6pm when I had a few crackers. Then at about 10 I tried eating some salad but felt like vomitting and so gave up and just went to sleep.

Tuesday morning was the most eventful of all. Woke up, did my devos and was soon after greeted by my parents as well as my surgeon and doctor. They were going to test out the port and rinse it. But that also meant putting pressure on my fresh wounds. The process was no longer than 10 minutes but it felt like hours as they punctured my site with a needle several times. I wanted to cry! Well I did. And my poor mum fainted too at the sight of my blood squirting out.

It was all over by about 10/10:30 and we left before 12pm to go home.

This past week was really difficult at first, I could barely move my right arm and the wounds were very painful. It was difficult doing anything, brushing my teeth, getting into bed, out of bed, putting on clothes. But each day got better and I am now out and about (or have bene for a while now 0_0) and moving quite freely.

I've been back to my surgeon once already to get my port flushed and will be back tomorrow for him to fix up my wounds. Thursday is the beginning of vitamin C as well as an expo our work is participating in. My life is once again busy, it was put on pause for just about two days when I had my surgery. And in about a weeks time I fly to Vancouver! Life doesn't really wait for you or slow down for you, but I'm learning that it's essentially my choice to go with that flow or make my own. Learning slowly, but learning nonetheless...




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