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The Cancer Journey: Another Therapy

Reposted from January 4, 2010

For some reason I'm unable to load my photos on my computer at the moment so the pictures will have to come at a later time.

A new therapy

I started a high dose vitamin C therapy last Tuesday (Dec 29). This is to help with detox and build my immune system - the best thing is that it's natural with ZERO side effects (if you're taking too much vit Cin, you're body will automatically flush it out through your bowels).

We're doing everything and almost anything to strengthen my immune system before chemo begins (although I do draw lines when it comes to drinking my own urine! GROSS!)

Today was my second time there. The vitamin C is administered through an IV and takes approximately 1 hour. My first dose was 15g of Vit C, this time around I got 20g.

In addition to the Vit C I also get a Vit B 12 shot (in my arm). My brave mom gives it to me every other day and it actually hurts LESS than when the doctor does it (something's to be said about a mother's touch!).

An answered prayer

The day before I was feeling distressed about whether chemo was the best option after hearing about others who did not go through with it. And when I heard back from my doctor that chemo is not only suggested for me but highly advised, due to me advanced stage, it was news that was difficult to swallow.

Nonetheless i prayed and asked God for comfort and guidance. The very next day my mother had an inclination to call this doctor we randomly made a cold call to just last month (this is the doctor that uses high dose vit C to help lots of people). After speaking with him and seeing the different kinds of therapies he uses (that AREN'T harmful to the body) I felt I would have a lot more confidence walking into my chemothearpy treatment come Tuesday.

He truly works in different ways we least expect!


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