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The Cancer Journey : Birthday Bliss

Reposted from March 21, 2010

It seems like my birthday was just yesterday even though it has already been a week since. People have been so loving and caring to make my week prior, during and after my birthday one of the happiest since my move to Hong Kong. Only being in Hong Kong for just about a year and then moving to Beijing for another has made it difficult developing lasting friendships and so birthdays here have been a bit of a downer for me. I'm one of those gals who enjoy celebrating birthdays, whether it's mine or others and believe in week long celebrations! (of every occasion :))

This birthday, God brought so much love into my life it was overwhelming. From surprises (just had another one yesterday!) to cards and presents to long time friends flying in to HK; all of it made it my best birthday yet in Hong Kong.

So THANK YOU for all the birthday wishes and for giving me a truly happy birthday! 

As for my health, I've been strong and healthy enough to party like a rockstar! My blood test this past week showed low WBC and Neutrophils, as to be expected, but I didn't have to get a neupogen shot, very good news!

Future look out:

Tuesday: PET/CAT scan

week of the 29th: bone marrow biopsy

and then the RESULTS!!!

After the results, I will be deciding whether I want to continue with chemo or look for other more natural ways of healing.

Will definitely keep you guys updated with the news!

lots of love!



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