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The Cancer Journey : Confirmed (#2)

Reposted from February 2, 2010

It's confirmed, I'll be going in for round #2 on Saturday (the date was switched on us just two minutes ago). Last round wasn't so bad, so I'm hoping for either the same effects or noeffect at all, unless it comes in the form of antidotal laughter. It's been a great week for me. I’m feeling as strong as ever. I'm walking faster, doing more things, carrying more things and sleeping like a baby (one that sleeps throughout the night that is).  This week I'll be going for"C" therapy every day until the fight, as well as loading up on protein, mushrooms, Noni Juice (immune booster), Flor Essence (an all purpose tea, but generally a detox tea), as well as my other supplements (Photo 1). We also started juicing lots of different veggies and fruits for breakfast; in my opinion: the best way to start the day and great for your bowels too!  Apple, pear, potato, carrot and tomato has come out on top as the best combo veg & fruit drink (so far). Note: I’m supposed to have 1 potato, 1 beetroot and 1 tomato every day (I haven’t found a good recipe for beetroot so I’m just steaming it at the moment) Photo 2: organic carrot. I laugh everytime i see it. It's so cute but scary!

The Bible verses and poems you guys have been sending me are now all written out in a book so I can have them on hand with me at the hospital and can read them for comfort and encouragement. I’m hoping I won’t have to stay overnight this time. Doctor says, ‘most likely not’ but advised us to get there early so we can start early in case anything comes up. My family and I are experiencing God’s grace and mercy each day. There have been so many wonderful acts of kindness from family, friends and even strangers and we feel so blessed. I’ve also joined an online support group for Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma fighters/survivors and am able to get a lot of emotional support from them. Before I joined, a 44 year old woman was the youngest one of the group to have NHL, but now I have taken away her title : ) There are harsh reminders every day that there is no cure for this disease, but I’m reminded time and time again that despite the facts and figures, the reality is that God is our ultimate healer and that He can perform great miracles. Please pray for continual healing and most of all for spiritual guidance and protection.


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