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The Cancer Journey : Encountering Him Still

Reposted from March 30, 2011 Two weeks ago it was time for another check up with my oncologist: blood work and a whole 5 minutes with Dr. Liang. Typically, it’d just be a drag having to go to the hospital the day before to get blood drawn from my veins that are STILL hiding and return back the next day to make uncomfortable chit chat with the Doc while he scans (literally) over my blood work and checks to see if he can feel any lumps on my body. Since my last visit was more eventful than I would have liked, I found myself dreading the next check up. It really has nothing to do with the physical part of the check up but more of the mental. So a few weeks back, I decided to see a doctor my family and I had met randomly about my health. She’s a medical doctor but believes in natural healing and very rarely does she prescribe conventional medicine for her patients. She put me on this new plan, mainly a diet that I’m finding very hard to follow but I’m trying my best, to see if my blood work will turn out better the next time around. Since I was supposed to have a PET scan last week, she told me to postpone it at least a month to give my body a chance to recover and heal itself with this new regiment she has me on. The first thing I thought was, “how do I explain this to my oncologist?” and ashamedly I admit I thought, “what story (lie) should I tell him?” Since the beginning it’s been difficult ‘bargaining’ with my oncologist. He’s reputable, he’s knowledgeable, and most of what he says makes a lot of sense and so I always end up giving in or at least giving in a little to his advice. Now going back to my blood work check up, I walked in telling myself I should just tell him the truth but also scared that if I do, he’s going to write it off as an invalid reason to postpone and then convince me to go ahead with out planned scan a week later. I think God also knew that was probably the way it would turn out because he just took care of the situation and I didn’t have to do a thing! My doctor actually forgot about my scan and said he will schedule one for the summer months! (he did look at my previous scan before making this decision, which means there can’t be THAT much to worry about! :-) So there you go, even after my healing, God is still taking care of me! PTL!


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