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The Cancer Journey: Jan 18-21st Rundown

Reposted from January 21, 2010 Here's the rundown. January 18 Was told to go to the hospital for xray and blood test because I had caught a cold. Turns out it is bronchitis, and nothing serious. Xrays were clear but my Neutrophil had dropped to 0.84 (remember, 0.5 is considered extremely dangerous) so Doc didn't want to take his chances and sent me home with antibiotics, cough medicine and two needles that would increase my WBC (one to be administered on the 18th and the other on the 19th). January 21 Went back to the hospital for another blood test and consult. This time around my WBC was HIGH! (Neutrophil was also high, at 16.30!) But is expected to dip back down to more normal levels as the drugs wear out. Everything else is going as planned so I go back for ANOTHER (I don't quite understand why I have to go for so many blood tests!) blood test and consult on Jan 28th to discuss when treatment #2 will take place! All in all: I'm sleeping really well now! (The meds i'm taking make me drowsy, which helps!) Appetite is good, though I'm still losing weight! (lost another kg since the 14th, altogether I've lost around 6 kg in this past 2 weeks) Cold still persists but is dying down, though now Mum has got a bad cough and some sort of stomach bug that keeps her awake at night! Friends are in town so they're keeping my spirits high In general I'm feeling optimistic this week and will be working hard on building my body back up for the 2nd treatment. And for those intrested! (warning!): bowel movements are doing well on its own and I'm back to my regular supplement taking routine (which includes Vit C therapy at least 3-4 times a week)


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