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The Cancer Journey: Reasons to Praise Him!

Reposted from January 4, 2010

Tomorrow will be my first chemo treatment! We are to arrive at the hospital before 9am. From there I'm assuming they will be running some blood tests and other tests before everything begins. To recap, I'll be given several drugs to be taken orally and two drugs will be administered via an IV. (I've become less fearful of needles now, don't know whether that's a good thing or a bad thing! haha). I'll be staying there overnight and depending on how things go I can either be released the following day or I may have to stay another day. Anyway, I thought it'd be appropriate to start this journey with praises and thanksgiving. Here's my list (in no particular order): ~ Praise God who has been my #1 friend, supporter, comforter, healer, advisor, encourager (and the list goes on!) ~ I've been able to enjoy this past month free from pain (on the most part) with family and friends ~ a slow growing cancer that allows us to do more research on therapies, make a more educated decision on treatment and strengthen my body to fight this battle ~ for an amazing family that has given me so much support (sometimes I think it's more stressful for my parents!) ~ that i've been able to experience peace through this month despite countless doctor visits, testings and horrible chinese medicines ~ for God sent friends who have called me and visited me from afar, sent me cards, emails, flowers and who have prayed so fervently for me! ~ that I can access healthy organic food in Hong Kong ~ that I have actually enjoyed the change in my diet! I love cooking, so I'm having lots of fun trying out new recipes! ~ for the supplements I have access to so readily and for having a Dr Mom that knows exactly what I should and shouldn't be eating! ~ for all the doctors that I'm seeing: for their compassion, care and wisdom to help me in so many different ways ~ that I am fortunate enough to go into the private sector for treatment ~ that I have an appetite, that i have always loved veggies (b/c that's what I eat mostly now) ~ that I'm able to have regular bowel movements (sorry if this is too much information! haha but this is SO important!) ~ that my blood reports have shown improvements ~ for the love and support that surrounds me every day! I've probably missed a lot more. But just writing these out has made me realize how much MORE i have to be thankful for than vice versa.

I want to thank everyone again for your fervent prayers and for your around the clock support!


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