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The Cancer Journey: Round 3, Denise leads the series 3-0

Thank you all again for your prayers and words of encouargement. Each and every comment lifts my spirits and is an indication of how I am so blessed!

This entry will be a short one as I just wanted to keep everyone in on the loop with Fight #3!

Here are the details:

Chemo: R-FND VS Denise Tam

Date: Saturday March 6

Time: 8:30-7:00 (if all goes well)

Place: Queen Mary Hospital K21 (bed # TBA)

Reposted from March 7, 2010

As expected, Team Denise extended their winning streak on their third round against Team R-FND on Saturday. Team Denise, led by God, were in full spirits on game day. "We came out in full energy and assurance that with God on our team, there is nothing to fear," said Denise. Team Denise came out with Dr Mom, Supportive Dad, Sister Michelle and Friend Jason to fight the fight; Doc, nurses, family and friends were on the "side lines" cheering them on. It was more or less of a boring fight as Denise hardly waivered against R-FND's strength, only once during the first half did she feel a bit of fatigue and nausea. The fight passed quite quickly and one could even hear laughter coming from Team Denise as Michelle and Jason entertained the Team with a dance during half time. The fight ended around 7pm in which Team Denise went out for a quiet meal and had just enough energy to be able to drop by a dear friend's party. Team R-FND has a reputation of being a bully in the ring, putting its oponent through nausea, fatigue, and lack of appetite to say the least. Some who faught against R-FND say the worst part is it takes your spirit away and you begin to let it take your life over; before you know it, your body begins to follow in your spirits' footsteps and R-FND has drugged you into losing. Despite R-FND's intimidating reputation, Team Denise decided to face adversity head on and believe that with the supplements, alternative therapy and the grace of God, they will win this fight. And thus far, one can safely say that they have! Thank you for all your prayers and support! I am feeling a bit tired today and am expecting a throbbing headache in the next few days as a result of the punches on Saturday but I am determined to continue praising God who has gotten me through this, for I know that and as Pastor Brett reminded me today, "God is GOOD, all the time!" Love, Denise


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