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The Cancer Journey: Round 5 Update

Reposted from May 12, 2010

warning: uneventful! 

Praise God for an uneventful round 5. 

It began like the others, I think we're pros at it now. Mom woke up early again to make me food, I made hummus the night before (yum!) and we headed out at around 8:45/9. Dr Liang didn't come see me until 10:30ish and we entertained ourselves until it was time for them to insert the needle for the infusion. 

This time was an intern (round 1, a doctor, round 2-4 nurses). He jabbed me three times before my veins would co-operate and as painful as it was for me, it was probably just as scary for the intern who had sweat running down his face by the last attempt. 

After that, they shot me up with antihistamines in which i warned my company I would be passing out quickly after; a quick 30 seconds later i was sleeping soundly and only woke when the nurses came in to adjust the speed of my drip. 

and finally at about 5pm my drip was done and I was done! All i had was three more days of the take home chemo drugs! 

It was just mom and I left by then and so we quickly packed up (thankful to be out of there so early!) and made our way home and then to my grandma's for dinner. I felt like I had been injected with a double dose of antihistamines and felt tired that whole night. 

So it's been five days today since round 5 and I'm happy to say that I've had almost no side effects from both infusion and oral drugs! On mother's day (the day after chemo) I was even able to walk around and do some shopping and go out to eat with family. I was almost waiting for the nausea and fatigue to come but it never came! Thank God! and i've already been back at work and yoga-ing! 

I'm excited to finish my last chemo in which I'l have to throw a celebratory party even if it's just dancing around my room with myself! 

Thank you again for all your prayers and support. I wouldn't have gotten through all this without it. 


Denise Next and Last Chemo Reposted from June 4, 2010 PTL, these past few months have flown by! 

My next and last chemo will be tomorrow! HURRAY! I'm excited to have it over and done with and am even willing to go through the prodding and poking of my veins! Still, I'm asking for your prayers for healthy and visible veins. 

I haven't been able to go to Vitamin C at all this month. Also my left arm still has remnants of the drugs from chemo 4 and is still tender after so long! 

Lately I've been getting back into yoga so I'm hoping blood will flow better. I'm already feeling stronger and more energized from it though so even if it doesn't help my veins I will continue to downward dog and warrior 1 my way through life : ) 

Tomorrow (June 5) starts at the usual time 8:30/9am and again we will not expect to have the treatment until noon-ish. 

Thank you for your prayers. They've been my life saver. 




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