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The Cancer Journey: some good news...

Reposted from June 13, 2011 We received the report from the ever so painful bone marrow today and my marrow and blood are in the clear! PTL! I guess this can partly make up for the pain I had to endure (they honestly need to get those phd brains together to find a better may to test bone marrow!) This news is one less thing for us to worry about, but we now have a huge task at hand which is to decide whether or not we or I should do chemo or not. There are two options presented to me. Option1: good old chemo, I'm assuming the doc will put me on R-CHOP the only other chemo regiment other than R-FND which is what  I had last time. R-CHOP is a lot harsher on the body and side effects are multiple. Option 2:  a quick fix with one shot of R and one week later another shot of Z (Zevalin, a new-ish drug, only around 50-100 people in HK have used it) The quick fix obviously sounds like a better choice but I have serious reservations about 'quick fixes'. I have yet to do my reserach on Zevalin but from what I hear it's not the kindest of drugs on your body. It will also take me down for two months and during that time may need blood transfusions if it attacks me with all it has. Option 3 (not presented to me by doc): do nothing or rather don't take conventional treatment and look at other options that are more natural: biological medicine has been something that has come up that has peaked my interest. In any case, I will have some serious and tough decisions to make. Luckily for me I get to sneak away to Canada for about three and a half weeks before I make a final decision. On another note, we're moving to our new home tomorrow and I still have a million and one things to do before I leave on Friday. It will be a busy time for all of us and stress levels will peak beyond the limit. I'm praying that through the chaos I will be able to find rest and be kind to my body :-)


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