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The Cancer Journey: Starting the Year off with a Bang

Reposted from February 17, 2010

Happy Chinese Tiger Year!

Like any typical CNY in Hong Kong, I spent the past few days eating, eating and eating, actually come to think of it, it’s not that different from any other day of mine. There's so much I have to eat every day, though mostly liquids, i feel like I have 6 meals a day!

The weight I lost since I started chemo MUST have found its way back onto my body! (we shall find out tomorrow when I go in for my bloodwork) hehe But I did also decide to chop my hair before CNY, so that could be a hopeful few pounds shed?

I couldn’t eat the traditional turnip cake, oysters andsweets that are associated with Chinese New Year, but I did have lots of other yummy foods to eat. My aunt even made me my own special turnip cake, made with organic turnips and minus the fatty sausage!

Other than New Years day, when I had a splitting headache, I’vebeen feeling great and this is supposed to be my weakest point of the month (note: 2nd week after chemo is when I’m supposed to be weakest)

Here’s my overall performance in stars (5 stars being Superwoman)

Eating:  7 stars

Energy:  4 stars

Sleep: 3 stars (having difficulty falling asleep again)

Mental Health: 5 stars

Emotional Health: 5 stars



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