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The Cancer Journey : The 11 Day Journey in Queen Mary

Reposted from September 6, 2012

Here's a very very brief summary of my last week or so...

Sunday 26th

- felt really bad after church

- stomach severely bloated

- difficulty in breathing

- heart rate high

- asked my mom to take me to the hospital

- arrived at emergency and heart rate was sky high, but bc of the high heart rate they immediately have me a bed and rushed me off to do tests and have doctors come see me

- about 2 hrs later I was given a bed in the public ward where they take most of the emergency cases

- I was blessed with a bed by the window and bc most of the people have to wear diapers I mainly had the bathroom to myself

Monday 27th

- had a lot of tests done, at this point I can't even remember which tests

Tuesday 28th

- bone marrow biopsy done: just as painful

Thursday 30th

- had enough of public ward as I couldn't sleep most nights. Slept maybe 3-4 hrs a night.

- also decided we wanted to see a specific doctor, professor Kwong who you can only request to see if you're in private

- afternoon sent to private ward

Friday 31st

- had a tube put into my lungs to drain fluid: very painful procedure

- I've been breathing with oxygen since Thursday

Saturday 1st

- had first dose of Rituximab: a antibody chemo that I also had in my last chemo regiment

- reacted quite badly: extremely cold, then high fever, then extremely hot and broke out in a few rashes

- reaction died down after an hour or so

- no appetite

Sunday 2nd

- day of rest

- still little appetite, feeling very week

- got to wash my hair properly and get bathed

Monday 3rd

- first day without fever since 26th

- appetite returned

Tuesday 4th

- got tube taken out, fluid wasn't draining properly and doctor discovered tube wasn't put in deep enough >

- rested and ate well

Wednesday 5th

- got Hickman line put in: only under local anesthesia; so an emotional and mentally stressful procedure for me

- still good appetite and preparing for Thursday

Thursday 6th

- lymph node biopsy under general anesthesia in the morning.  

- Originally planned to start chemo regiment (DHAP) and possibly have R (Rituximab) today but this is now postponed to Friday (tomorrow) instead.  X-ray report showed that the Hickman line was put too far in thus a minor procedure was needed to make adjustment to pull it back out a little. 

- Appetite back. 

Friday 7th

- Rested well, good appetite.

- Started chemo drip in the evening 8:05pm- they prepped me with three bottles of fluid and nutrients, 1 very expensive anti vomit pill that they dont give in public ward (:0), and 1 extra injection of anti vomit medicine. Will drip until 4 in the morning and will have steroid eye drops every four hours.

- A wound from an injection i received this afternoon in my arm started to bleed which is weird :S

- Here's a verse for you all, may you also be encouraged and continue to have faith: "Surely God is my salvation; i will trust and not be afraid.  The Lord, the Lord is my strength and my song; he has become my salvation" Isaiah 12:2


It's been an extremely tough week but I'm continuing to stay positive and can also see the many blessings and even joy in my present circumstances. For one, I am constantly showered with lots of love from friends and family and have also made a new friend (my roomie) who is also a young lady fighting cancer. I don't have much time or energy to get into specifics but will try to send my updates out when I can.

Mandy will be helping me post updates so you're aware of what's going on.

Thanks for the Iove and prayers. I'm extremely blessed.


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