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The Cancer Journey : The Battle Belongs to the Lord

Reposted from September 11, 2012

Mon, 10 Sep 2012 10:43AM Past two/three days have been a blur. It's been very 'sun fu' and I've been very weak. Chemo has left me with no appetite, always wanting to vomit but no strength to vomit and nothing in my stomach to vomit. Can't really keep down fluids either. And no strength to go to the bathroom on my own. I know each day gets better but the days and nights are extremely long. I worry about my kidneys and also that I'll become dehydrated, but that's the worrier inside me. Today, praise God, I ate a few spoonfuls of oatmeal and have been able to take in some hot tea. I've lost 5kg since Thursday though I'm sure a lot of it is from the water built up in my stomach and lungs. Doctor asked me to try to drink more to flush out the dead cancer cells but everything must be done very slowly at this point. I need to have another round of the antibody Rituximab today. Had a bad reaction the first time so I'm really praying I'll be okay today since I'm already so weak. Thanks for the cheers, the prayers and the love. Tue, Sep 11, 2012 at 11:49 AM Survivied Ritueimab! YA! The drip started at 1:30pm yesteraday and I was able to sleep through most part of it. No fever or extremely bad reaction this time so praise God!  Currently I'm feeling dizzy and weak. Please pray for strength and an apettie to return. Also, pray that I will be discharged soon (hopefully tmr or sometimes this week) so I can rest at home until my next chemo session. It's been a tough week but God has been guiding me through each step of the way 


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