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The Cancer Journey : The Bone Marrow Terror

Repost from December 20, 2009

Sorry it's taken me so long to update the blog. My very good friend from Beijing came to see me so she's been keeping me busy and happy these past few days.

Friday was the day of my bone marrow test. We got to the hospital at around 8:30 to do some paper work and settle in. Surprisingly, I was not nervous nor did I feel any anxiety. Thank you for your prayers!

Everyone had to leave during the procedure and i was left with the doctor and two nurses. The doctor told me he would be taking a sample from both my left and right side of my back hip bone. The nurse poked me with a needle on both sides, a very unpleasant feeling, but still just unpleasant and then the doctor began the bone marrow extraction. THAT was when the pain hit and though the needle was in my back area i could fill the pain all the way to my butt! It was excruciating! and as much as I tried to talk to myself i gave in and screamed and cried my way through it. Altogether it must have taken 10-15 minutes, but those few minutes were the longest i've ever experienced. Each suction was just as if not more painful than the previous.

Thankfully, the doctor finished, saw the amount of pain i was in and concluded he had enough of a sample and would not put me through another attack on my left side. I was relieved but still shocked and scared. But now I'm thankful the worst is over (in terms of physical pain, hopefully).

The rest of the day was spent having blood drawn, xrays scanned and other necessary tests. We didn't leave until 8ish. It was a long and stress-filled day, but I came home thankful. Thankful that I have so many people around me supporting me and comforting me and praying for me. As soon as the bone marrow test was done, my entire family and some friends rushed into the room to give me hugs and kisses. There's nothing more comforting than love from friends and family.

I've also recovered from it quite quickly. No pain killers, only bed rest for a few hours.

As for results, we don't hear back until another week or so.


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