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The Cancer Journey: The Power of Imagination

Reposted from July 30, 2012

My vivid imagination has taken me through journeys of blissfulness and serenity but it has also brought me to hopeless, lonely and fearful places.

As a child I could easily dream up stories of having a puppy or a piglet that would talk to me and I to him (Chatlotte's Web was one of my favourite children's stories). As an older kid I’ve hoped to have my own live M&M as a friend (the yellow one, he's the nicer one). And even as an adult I am known to name all my stuffed animals or figurines and treat them like real live beings with feelings. Charlie has been my most notorious bear who has worked on the computer with me while drinking a cup of tea, became Charlene for a day when Michelle decided to put a dress on him/her, and has even practiced yoga, holding poses for hours on end.

At the same time, my imagination is also capable of convincing me that something or someone has turned up in the dark when the lights are turned off or that my fingers will run wild during a piano recital. Lately, it’s been fears of this new treatment with Dr Rigo failing.

I’ve mentioned briefly that it’s been emotionally challenging to have all the natural therapies ‘fail’ on me. The disease could have spread further or quickly if it weren’t for these treatments but it certainly hasn’t reduced or contained the disease. Alternative treatments are what I truly believe in. I believe that our bodies are able to heal itself. I believe in foods that heal. I believe in certain treatments like high dose IVC, a vegan, sugar free, whole food diet, in supplements that can boost certain parts of your body that may be lacking. And I certainly believe in the power of prayer and a positive mindset that can ‘talk’ any disease away. So for my belief to ‘fail’ me has been a bit of a struggle and I’m not too sure how many more disappoints my heart or my body can go through.

I begin this new treatment on Wednesday and by then I hope my fears will be replaced by courage and belief. The power of belief can change a treatment for better or worse and so my dilemma has been to choose between protecting my body or my heart.

More details about my treatment are below:

- I begin on a 21 day treatment on Wednesday

- the treatment is an injection in my right paraaortic lymph node

- the dose will increase each day until I can get to the desired dosage (0.5ml) that my doctor wants

- during my treatment: I’m to be on a low sodium near vegan diet (I’m allowed fish) although I may just stick to my vegan diet

- “side effects”: possible slight fever and fatigue

- the 21 day ViscHom treatment is meant to reduce the size of the lymph nodes and the following treatments- 10 injections of a combination of nutrients, minerals, vitamins etc and the use of another cancer ‘drug’ (registered under the National Cancer Institute)that is meant to work on the cell’s of my body, bringing it to death or to health.

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